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Dragonfly Lithium DF10012H 100Ah 12V Heated LiFePO4 Battery

Part Number: DF10012H
Manufacturer: Dragonfly Energy
Voltage: 12.8
Amps: 200
Length: 12.75 IN
Width: 6.875 IN
Thickness: 9 IN

Lithium batteries and cold temperature restrictions is a very popular topic.

While lithium still greatly outperforms lead-acid batteries in cold situations, they cannot receive a charge when internal temperatures are too cold. Their batteries are designed to sense their own temperature and automatically shut down before any damage occurs. As more customers are moving towards a more nomadic lifestyle, the need for a solution to allow them to go anywhere – in any weather – is as important as ever.

Dragonfly Energy has overcome those cold temperature restrictions with the addition of our internally heated line of batteries. Their cutting-edge technology allows you to go into the coldest temperatures imaginable without any worries of compromising your battery bank. It’s the same great battery you know and love, but with a bit more sizzle.

Offering all the same great features of our 10012 model, this battery is what you want if you are a winter camping enthusiast or are looking for a reliable power source to keep you warm on chilly winter nights.