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Dragonfly Lithium DFGC3 270Ah 12V GC3 LiFePO4 Battery

Part Number: DFGC3
Manufacturer: Dragonfly Energy
Voltage: 12.8
Amps: 270
Length: 22.83 IN
Width: 7.09 IN
Thickness: 13.15 IN

Dragonfly Energy has built a reputation for designing and manufacturing drop-in replacements for the most popular 12-volt batteries on the market. With group 27, 31, and GC2 batteries in our production line, they started to think outside the box. Enter the “Game Changer” or GC3. A 270Ah lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery in a unique battery case and shape that is changing the way batteries can be placed inside RV’s.

Rather than adhering to a traditional battery size that needs to fit in a battery box to allow for ventilation from off-gassing, they have created a battery that can be placed anywhere. The safety of their LiFePO4 chemistry combined with a battery management system (BMS) has afforded them the opportunity to create a battery that has defied the traditional placement of battery banks. With these safety features and the unique shape, the GC3 has more flexibility to be installed in a wider variety of spaces, opening up a greater variety of possibilities for future products.

The “Game Changer” is just that: a new kind of battery with a BMS inside outputs 300-amps continuous, and charges 3-5 times faster than lead-acid batteries. The GC3 is a true unicorn in the battery market, as it is one-of-a-kind. The GC3 allows you greater flexibility for what you can power and how you install it, plus provides you with energy independence that other batteries cannot.