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Ameresco Solar - Off-Grid System Integration & Fabrication

We have a team of engineers and solar design specialists from coast-to-coast that specialize in designing, development, and delivery of just about any type of off-grid solar power project you can imagine. Let us help you!

Ameresco Solar - Off-Grid System Integration & Fabrication

Our experienced engineers and technicians are highly skilled at component and electrical design/integration and our quality control and testing procedures ensure we deliver tough, functional, systems that perform in the field.

Ameresco Solar - Off-Grid System Integration & Fabrication

Our Support People Make the Difference!

Above all else, we want to ensure your Ameresco Solar off-grid system performs in the field. Our engineers, technical support specialists, and field technicians work tirelessly to ensure the off-grid systems we deliver provide durable, consistent service.

Ameresco Solar - Battery Backup Power

We can design a Battery Back Up System to maintain power during emergency power outages and off-grid applications. Our scalable battery backup systems can be customized from 4 kW to 80 kW to meet your specific needs.

Ameresco Solar - 300 and Up Panels

The industry leader in traditional battery storage technologies now offers a revolutionary energy storage system employing Lithium (LiPO4) cells.

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Solar Power Industrial Solutions

We leverage our solar experience and engineering expertise to provide solar power solutions to a range of industries and applications including:Oil & Gas, Water Pumping, Telecommunications, Railway, Traffic, and more...

Solar System Design and Integration

Our primary focus is the design and integration of solar systems and kits that power flow monitoring, lighting, security, surveillance, rv, marine, small home, off-grid preppers, residential, and a range of other applications…

Solar Components and Distribution

We are also a manufacturer and solar components distributor that supplies a network of retailers, installers, and large customers. We have the service expertise, inventory, and shipping capacity to supply your component needs.