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SimpliPHI Big Genny™ Emergency Power Kit

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Part Number: BIGGENNY
Manufacturer: SimpliPHI
Length: 21.1″
Width: 28.7″
Thickness: 0.9″
Weight: 43 lbs
PDF-Datasheet: Download Here
PDF-Brochure: Download Here

Portable Emergency Power Supply at Home, Work or On-the-go

The Big Genny™ is a portable, rechargeable battery-powered generator of AC power. It stores electricity from any power source – grid, solar, wind – when access to AC power is not available, such as power outages and emergencies. It is a silent, non-toxic, cobalt-free, power supply that can be used anytime, anywhere to charge cell phones, tablets, laptops, fans, small appliances, and many other types of portable equipment for

Features & Benefits


  • Easy to use, plug-and-play power source
  • Mobile and portable — hand-carry or roll with retractable handle
  • All the equipment you need in one kit: PHI batteries + built-in-inverter + solar panel charger + power cord
  • AC outlets and USB ports to charge your electronics
  • No maintenance


  • Sufficient power to operate mobile phones, computers, appliances, power tools, lighting and more for hours at a time
  •  Long-life — charge and discharge thousands of times
  • Retains charge for several months without use — nominal self discharge
  • 5-year warranty on integrated PHI batteries
  • signed, engineered and manufactured in California, USA
  • Proven in the field for more than a decade by film studios for remote, off-grid power


  • Charge and use simultaneously
  • Charge batteries with solar, wind, generator, grid power or any combination
  • Take with you anytime, anywhere: car, bus, train, camping, emergencies, evacuations
  • Versatile for use indoors and outdoors
  • Save fuel: Use your diesel generator to charge a Genny rather than as primary power


  • Environmentally benign, non-toxic Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP)
  • No Cobalt — no hazards
  • No risk of overheating or fire
  • No fumes or out-gassing