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Part Number: RHINO-5-6/12V
Manufacturer: Rogue
Voltage: 6/12
Amps: 5
Controller Type: PWM
Meter: No
PDF-Datasheet: Download Here

Rogue’s “3 stage” Rhino-5, 5 amp charge controllers are designed to operate with no maintenance in the most challenging industrial and recreational settings. The majority of our Rhino-5 charge controllers consume only 400 micro amps, the smallest self consumption rate in the industry. Rhino-5 charge controllers provide optimal battery performance. Simple and rugged, these chargers can be powered by a solar panel or an AC adaptor for either on or off-grid systems.

Why Choose the Rhino-5 Charge Controller

  • Three Stage Automatic Charging – The Rhino-5 are some of the only 5 amp chargers to feature Fast, Absorption and Float. The Rhino-5 also switches from Fast charge to Float charge when batteries are full. Float charge continously monitors battery to maintain a fully charged state.
  • Adaptable – Output voltage automactically adjusts to compensate for the temperature of the battery.
  • Linear Charging – The Rhino-5’s linear charge method provides for steady charging while decreasing self-consumption.
  • Urethane Encapsulation – Rogue encapsulates all of its 5 and 10 amp charge controllers in Urethane to ensure reliability at low temperatures and a decreased failure rate.
  • Convenient – Pluggable connectors for quick and easy installation. Compact simple design allows for use in hard to access locations.
  • Testing and Reliability – Each Rhino-5 charge controller is fully tested and inspected, ensuring reliability.