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Part Number: MPR-9400
Manufacturer: Digital Solar
Voltage: 12/24/36/48
Amps: 30 to 1000
Controller Type: PWM
Meter: Yes

The MPR-9400 Advanced Photovoltaic System Controller from Ameresco Solar is the turn-key solution for all of your remote power station monitoring and control requirements

Key features of the MPR-9400 controller and software include:

  • Modular design allows flexible configuration of PV arrays, loads, generators, and devices
  • Temperature-compensated Boost, Equalize and Float charging of batteries — with staged taper charge and pulsed finish charge, by EBBMTM charging algorithm
  • May accommodate multiple 30-amp to multiple 100-amp simultaneous PV array inputs at 12, 24, 36, or 48 volts
  • DC, positive- or negative-ground. Systems up to ten – 100 amp sub-array inputs
  • Operating temperature range: -40C to +60C
  • Real-time load disconnect / reconnect capability, supporting loads up to four – 100 amp Loads
    • — 1 or 2 stages, load prioritized
    • — ±5% Load voltage regulation, 1- to 3-stage “CEMF”
  • Provides startup/shutdown signals for a generator with scheduled periodic maintenance runs, fault monitoring for one or two connected generators/rectifier systems
  • Provides manual or automatic battery cell equalization functionality
  • Front panel LCD and 3×3 keypad provide access to all system parameters
  • Supports serial communications for monitoring via modems, direct-cable, or wireless RF
  • Serial network compatibility of addressing thousands of controllers on a single network
  • Optional Ethernet connectivity supports local- or wide-area Ethernet networks (internet)
  • Ethernet-connected units provide real-time alarm reporting to one or more specified central offices via the SNMP networking protocol
    • — All major SNMP monitoring software packages supported
    • — Instant email forwarding of received alarm reports is provided if desired
  • Data log functions available as an option