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GS8048A/AC 8 kW AC Coupled Inverter Package

Part Number: GS8048A/AC 8 kW AC Coupled Inverter Package
Manufacturer: Outback Power
AC Frequency: 60
AC Power Rating: 8000 W
PDF-Datasheet: Download Here

Did you know that grid-tied solar electric power systems are unable to provide electricity to your home or business when the utility grid becomes unavailable? Even on sunny days?

The Outback Power 8 kW inverter package when combined with a battery bank will allow you to connect your existing solar grid tied inverter , up to 6 kW, to provide backup power when the utility fails. This Outback Power AC Coupled package will supply your dedicated loads with power during an outage and allow for your solar array to operate your loads or charge your batteries in daylight hours during the outage.

Multiple inverters can be installed in parallel for larger systems. Remote monitoring of Outback systems is possible by connecting the included MATE3 controller to the internet. Learn more here.

Outback 8 kW AC Coupled package includes:

  • Outback Power Radian GS8048A, 8,000 Watt, 48VDC inverter with 120/240VAC Output
  • Outback Power GSLC175-AC-120/240, Pre-wired AC Coupled Load Center
  • HUB4, 4 Port Communication hub
  • MATE3, System Controller
  • FW-MB3, Mate 3 mounting bracket
  • **Battery Bank sold separately
  • Select a 48 Volt Outback Power Battery package from the list to complete the system:
  • 10 kWh AC or 12 kWh AC or 13 kWh AC or 15 kWh AC or 19 kWh AC or 20 kWh AC or 22 kWh AC
  • ** Assembly of above components required