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Eguana Battery

Part Number: EquanaEvolve
Manufacturer: Eguana Technologies (Pylontech)
Length: Varies with model
Width: Varies with model
Thickness: Varies with model
Weight: Varies with model
PDF-Datasheet:  Download Here

Introducing the Evolve LFP – a versatile, residential powerhouse for homes both large and small. Evolve is fully loaded to deliver your preferred energy savings
program when installed in parallel with a solar PV system. Automated backup power capability ensures your essential home loads keep running even when the power goes out.

Industry leading lithium-ion batteries Pylontech’s lithium iron phosphate battery modules offer safe, high performance deep-discharge use in daily cycle applications, and are backed by a 10 year warranty and
performance guarantee. The rackmount format 3.5 kWh modules are thoughtfully designed with quick and easy onsite installation in mind.

Simple, modular installation with new or existing solar PV systems. The Evolve is easily coupled to new or existing solar installations using your preferred solar inverter brand. The modular wall-mount format for both indoor or outdoor use maximizes installation flexibility without consuming valuable space.