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DC Coupled Battery Backup Systems

Did you know that a grid-tied ONLY solar electric system will leave you powerless when the grid goes down?

DC coupled battery backup systems, offered by Ameresco Solar, provide an ideal way to add the functionality of battery backup power to the daily electrical production of a photovoltaic (PV) system.

Our battery backup systems allow you to power loads on your dedicated load center in the event of an electrical outage.

Our DC coupled battery backup systems automatically transfer power from batteries to dedicated loads when the utility grid is offline. Batteries remain charged by the solar arrand excess electricity is delivered to your main panel to be either used on-site or sold back to the utility.

The addition of a backup generator will add peace of mind and increase the length of time power is available during an outage. An optional generator control unit automatically starts and stops the generator to maximize charge and minimize fuel usage.

Benefits of emergency backup power include:

  • Security
  • Lighting
  • Refrigeration
  • Heating
  • Communications
  • Entertainment
  • Water pumping
  • Electric Doors and Gates

Nearly all household electrical needs can be addressed using our battery backup systems. Note that, depending on system sizing, running high resistance electrical heating such as electric dryers, electric stoves, and electric heat for long durations is not recommended.

Additionally, a battery backup system installed with solar modules may qualify for state and federal incentives. Check for incentives in your location.

Our small systems are ideal for most residences with 3600 Watt, 120VAC output. These systems are prewired for fast and clean NEC compliant installation and the included solar charge controller can accept up to 3 kW of solar power.

Small systems include:

  • A single Outback inverter -120VAC output
  • FLEXmax solar charge controller
  • Mate system monitor
  • Surge protector

Our large systems, 4.5-6-12-18 kW, have 120/240VAC output. The 18 kW system can also be setup for 120/208VAC 3 phase systems. Additionally, the Schneider Electric XW inverter used in our large systems is also equipped to accept a backup generator as well as the utility connection.

Large systems include:

  • Schneider Electric XW inverter(s)
  • Schneider Electric power distribution panel
  • Schneider Electric system control panel
  • Schneider Electric charge controller(s)
  • Battery cables
  • Batteries and enclosure (if needed)
  • System wiring diagrams
  • Schneider Electric generator auto start (optional).

Ameresco uses industry leading deep cycle solar batteries manufactured by East Penn Deka. Deka batteries are “Made in the USA”, provide years of maintenance free service, do not require any special venting, and maximize energy storage in a minimum amount of required space.

Ameresco can assist in several ways with your commercial photovoltaic project depending on the system size and needs of the customer or contractor.

Ameresco can provide:

  • Equipment supply
  • Equipment supply with
  • Engineering support
  • PPA, Power Purchase Agreements
  • ESPC, Energy Saving Performance Contract
  • Turnkey Installation

Types of projects include:

  • Roof mounted
  • Ground mounted
  • Carports installations
  • Capped landfills
  • Ballasted systems