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Conext 3.8 kW Grid Tied Inverter 208V/240V

Part Number: 878-3801
Manufacturer: Schneider Electric
AC Frequency: 60
AC Power Rating: 3800 W
PDF-Datasheet: Download Here

Offering high performance, clean aesthetics, innovative features, and easy installation, the Conext™ TX provides great value in a compact high-frequency design. The Conext TX may be installed as a single inverter for a single PV array or in a multiple inverter configuration for large PV systems or three-phase applications.


Superior Design

  • Compact package and light weight
  • Included 600V Square D DC/AC safety disconnect for a clean, compact installation
  • Passively cooled for low noise, increased reliability, and increased installation options
  • LCD vibration sensor allows the tap of a finger to turn backlight on and cycle through display screens

Excellent Energy Harvest

  • Wide maximum power point tracking (MPPT) window from PV solar array maximizes energy harvest and increases array design flexibility
  • Innovative Fast Sweep MPPT increases energy harvest in shaded installations
  • High efficiency CEC weighted up to 96%

Easy to Install and Service

  • Convection cooled increased mounting options, mounts on standard 16” stud configuration
  • Easy access DC (PV) and AC (Utility) terminal blocks simplify wiring
  • Power levels optimized for common service panel breaker sizes
  • Simple communications set-up for daisy-chained single-phase and three-phase installations
  • Sealed inverter enclosure can be quickly separated from wiring box allowing DC/AC connections to remain intact during service event

Schneider Electric Bankability

  • Strong Financial partner – 22 billion in Sales in 2011
  • Global service and support infrastructure and local presence in over
  • 100 countries
  • In business for 170+ years with worldwide leadership in power electronics and electrical distribution technologies

Designed for Reliability

  • Multiple Environmental Over Stressed Testing (MEOST)


  • Residential and commercial installations (208 or 240 V)
  • Compatible with other Series models to customize the inverters to the array