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AC Coupled 6.8 kW Home Battery Backup Kit – Emergency Power System with 20 kWh Storage

Part Number: AMPS6.8-20-AC
Manufacturer: Ameresco Solar
Continuous Output: 6.8 kW
Battery Storage: 20 kWh
Flow Type: AC Coupled

Don’t be left in the dark. We can design a AC Coupled 6.8 Kw Home Battery Backup Kit – Emergency Power System with 20 kWh Storage to maintain power during emergency power outages and for off-grid applications.

Our Scalable Battery Backup Systems can be customized from 4 kW to 80 kW to meet your specific needs. Each battery backup power kit includes a Schneider or Outback inverter with Discover, SimpliPhi, or VRLA batteries housed inside our NEMA enclosures.

We will include all the components and expertise you need to experience a seamless transition from grid to battery backup power when faced with fire, hurricane or other emergency situations.

Our AMP Series 6.8 Kw Battery Backup System Includes:

Why Choose Ameresco Solar for Your Battery Backup Systems?

  • We are an established solar power company that will be around long-term
  • We have a proven track record of delivering consistent, quality systems and solutions
  • Our systems use components that are high quality, compatible, in-stock, and ready-to-go
  • Our technical experts have the battery-based product knowledge to advise and design the perfect system to meet your needs
  • Our solutions are pre-wired and engineered for easy installation