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About Ameresco Solar

For over thirty years Ameresco Solar, and its predecessors, have been providing remote power products and services engineered to meet our customers specific requirements. We provide comprehensive solar solutions around the world by serving as a solar distributor, manufacturer, and design/engineering consultant for a wide range of markets.

Not only do we supply and ship products around the world, we specialize in engineering and designing off-grid and grid-tied solar power solutions for multiple industries including: Oil and Gas, Communications, Transportation, Industrial, Commercial, and Utilities.


The Baltimore-based Power Up solar business is now part of Ameresco Solar. Combining the team of nine, the warehouse,...
AC Solar Powered Water Pumping System Ameresco Solar engineered an off-grid AC solar powered water pumping system to fill...
This Ameresco Solar remote hybrid system powers a municipal water pumping station for a Native American tribe in Northern...