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Solar Power – Water Pumping

Pictured above is a small system (50-380W producing 1-4 GPM) for south Texas ranch.

Solar Power Water Pumping Off-Grid Systems 

We provide a wide range of services to assist in all stages of assessment, planning, design, development, and implementation of solar water pumping solutions.

Learn about solar water pumping - SOLAR WATER PUMPING 101.

Complete our  SOLAR WATER PUMPING FORM and let us size your system for you!

We have years of solar water pumping design and consulting experience - from low volume agricultural projects to high volume municipal water pumping stations. We typically provide four types of solar water pumping systems:

1) Small Systems - 50 to 380W producing 1-4 GPM
2) Medium Systems - 380 to 1200W producing 2-40 GPM
3) Large Systems - 1200 to 3000W producing 10-90 GPM
4) Extra Large Systems - >3000W >90 GPM

Let us earn your business! CONTACT US about your project TODAY and a Water Pumping specialist will respond to you right away!

A medium sized system, pictured above, provides 2-14 GPM.

We have designed solar water pumping systems for many different applications including: livestock or wildlife wateringcrop irrigation (row crop, center pivot, large scale drip), off-grid homes, remote village water systems, aquaculture, swimming pool circulation pumps, pond aeration, retrofit windmills or pump jacks, wetlands management, municipal water supply, and remote mining.

Incentives: For businesses and ranches the capital costs for the solar electric system are eligible for the 30% Federal Tax Credit and Accelerated Depreciation benefits. Other benefits may be available in your location. Consult your accountant and for more information.

We can help you design a water pumping solution from initial design and system integration, to shipping, deployment, and installation. Fill out our WATER PUMPING SIZING FORM and email or fax it to us. We will use the information to design the perfect solar powered water pumping system.

Our large systems can typically produce between 10-90 GPM.
Our extra large system are capable of operating 5-100 hp pumps.