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Solar Power Solutions – Oil and Gas Industry

Pictured above is an 800W free-standing solar power system for an oilfield services client. In addition to custom design, we offer a range of standard free-standing kits from 100-1100W.

Off-Grid Solar Power Systems for Oil and Gas Companies

We design and engineer custom Solar Power Systems for Oilfield Services, Gas Pipelines, Off-shore Drilling, Injection Sites, Wellhead Locations and Related Oil and Gas Service Companies.

Ameresco Solar's power solutions for the oil and gas industry are cost-effective, reliable systems that can control the assets of multi-million dollar operations. Our proven solar systems have been deployed by some of the world's largest Oil and Gas Companies.

They rely on us to provide solutions that power SCADA equipment, remote telemetry (RTU), seismic equipment, remote measurement, cathodic protection, valve control, injection pumps, and many other applications.

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We also specialize in providing pole-mounted solar power solutions as well. We can accommodate your power needs as well as location constraints to find the perfect solution.

We can size your requirements, design a system, and coordinate the integration of all components and technologies necessary to meet your solar power needs. We can also assist in transportation logistics, deployment, and installation in remote locations

Ameresco Solar solutions provide highly reliable support for critical real-time applications. Our Oil and Gas solutions use only modules and components with the highest international standards, such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and Factory Mutual Research (FM) listings in the US, and approval by the Commission of the European Communities (CEC) in Europe.

Our solar energy systems are reliable, durable, and rugged solutions include enclosures with Class 1 Division 2 (C1D2) National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) ratings for hazardous locations.

We will work closely with your team, from initial design and system integration, to shipping, deployment, and installation. This process allows us to provide solar power solutions with quick turnaround and short lead times from inception to installation.

This collapsible, self-storing systems was a collaborative effort between our engineering design team and engineers from one of our oil services customers.
Self-storing solar power systems ready for transport.
Oil and gas solar kit installed in the field.
1100 W free-standing kit undergoing testing and quality control.