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Solar Power – Cathodic Protection

Solar Power Cathodic Protection for Gas Pipelines and Oil Industry

We can design, engineer, and integrate a solar powered cathodic protection system for your industrial needs.
Corrosion of pipelines, wellheads, and structures can create costly and expensive repairs and maintenance. However, using impressed current cathodic protection systems can reduce and prevent corrosion of steel structures.We provide complete turnkey systems customized to your specific needs. Systems are sized for the required output power.

The cathodic protection controller includes three operating modes: constant voltage, constant current, and reference electrode. We stock multiple controllers (0 to 20Amps or 0 to 40Amps Cathodic Protection) that may be included in these systems. Output voltage is adjustable from 1VDC up to the system voltage. Adjustable reference electrode input allows the output to adjust according to changing soil conditions.

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