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KIT-SMBB27, Battery Box with Solar Panel Attached

Part Number: KIT-SMBB27
Manufacturer: OEM
Material: Polypropylene
Overall Dims (HxWxD – IN): 17 x 9.5 x 11.5

During daylight hours, the SunMate Battery Box (SMBB) converts the suns energy into DC electricity. The electricity is then directed to the battery to offset self-discharge. SMBB enclosures maintain a constant float charge from the built-in solar module.

This both eliminates the need for manual charging and helps to prolong the life of the battery. All SMBB models will operate in hot and cold climates and include a blocking diode to prevent reverse current leakage.

Panel Specifications:

  • Vmp: 16.7 VDC
  • Voc: 20.5 VDC
  • Imp: 0.09 A
  • Isc: 0.10 A

Battery Capacity:

  • (1) Class: 27 Series
  • Battery Protection Features:
  • Battery hold-down strap
  • Blocking diode