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Hybrid Solar Power Systems

This Ameresco Solar remote hybrid system powers a municipal water pumping station for a Native American tribe in Northern Arizona.

Off-Grid Hybrid Solar Power Systems

Need a hybrid solar systems that incorporates wind, fuel driven generators, or hydro propulsion? We can design a hybrid solar system to meet your needs!

We have extensive experience engineering custom solar hybrid solutions for our customers. Whether you want to incorporate wind with your off-grid solar water pump for your cattle, or develop a municipal solar hybrid solutions to on fuel expenses. WE CAN HELP!

For example, we developed and installed a solar hybrid water pumping system for a community in Arizona. Give us a call and speak with our technical experts and let us solve your hybrid solar power problems.

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The AC coupled design takes advantage of the high efficiency grid-tied modules and avoids the complications associated with large DC based arrays using multiple charge controllers and additional wiring.
The hybrid system was installed as an alternative to operating an 80 kW diesel generator for an extended period each day.