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GS8048A/DC4FM80 16kW DC Coupled Inverter Package

Part Number: GS8048A/DC4FM80 16kW DC Coupled Inverter Package
Manufacturer: Outback Power
AC Frequency: 60
AC Power Rating: 16 000 W
PDF-Datasheet: Download Here

Outback Radian inverters are versatile inverters that can be used in eithter off-grid or grid tied battery backup applications. The Outback Power 16 kW inverter package when combined with a battery bank will allow you to connect up to 16 kW of solar panels through the four- Outback Flexmax 80 Amp charge controller.

In a grid tied battery backup mode, once the batteries are full, the excess solar production is converted to AC to serve AC loads and sell back to the utility. When the utility fails, the Radian inverter will automatically transfer to operate your backup loads. As an off-grid inverter package, the Dual Radian 8 kW inverters will serve your loads and is able to automatically start your backup generator.

Multiple inverters can be installed in parallel for larger systems. Remote monitoring of Outback systems is possible by connecting the included MATE3 controller to the internet. Learn more here.

Outback 8 kW DC Coupled package includes:

  • Qty 2-Outback Power Radian GS8048A, 8,000 Watt, 48VDC inverter with 120/240VAC Output
  • Qty 2-Outback Power GSLC175-PV-120/240, Pre-wired DC Coupled Load Center
  • HUB10.3, 10 Port Communication hub
  • MATE3, System Controller
  • FW-MB3, Mate 3 mounting bracket
  • Qty 4- FM80-150VDC, 80 Amp solar charge controller
  • Qty 2-FW-CCB2, Mounting bracket for two charge controllers
  • **Battery Bank sold separately
  • ** Assembly of above components required.