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Environmental Monitoring Remote Solar Power Systems

Environmental Monitoring Remote Solar Systems

We design remote power solar systems to monitor surface water quality, air quality,  groundwater quality, noise pollution from shale oil and gas drilling, wildlife monitoring, and many other scientific applications.

Our off-grid power systems are rugged, reliable and perform in the filed so you can monitor, protect and assess the health and condition of water supplies, air quality, natural resources and wildlife.

We can work with you to deliver a solar system that will perform to your specific requirements. We have help government agencies, oil and gas companies, universities, NGOs, and many other organizations monitor and harvest data for a range of environmental and natural resources applications.

Let us earn your business! CONTACT US about your project TODAY and a Monitoring specialist respond to you right away!

Some of the monitoring applications we have designed included:

  • Air quality (e.g., pollutant presence, carbon dioxide, smoke, dust, etc.)
  • Surface water quality of lakes, rivers, and streams  (e.g., pH, BOD, temperature, flow rate, turbidity, etc.)
  • Groundwater quality of aquifers, springs, and wells (e.g., water levels, dissolved oxygen, nitrate, etc.)
  • Coastal and marine water quality
  • Wildlife web cams
  • Wildlife migration and behavior
  • Mining operations
  • Landfill & waste disposal
  • Noise Pollution (e.g, airports, drilling operations, etc.)

We will work closely with your team, from initial design and system integration, to shipping, deployment, and installation. This process allows us to provide solar power solutions with quick turnaround and short lead times from inception to installation.