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DEKA Unigy II – 2V High-Capacity AGM Battery with seismic rated racking

Part Number: Vary by size (consult with sales representative)
Voltage: 2V per cell, number of cells per module vary with configuration
Capacity: 107Ah – 2367Ah @ C20 Rate
Custom Configurations: 12V, 24V, 48V, 120V, 240V, 480V
Applications: Deep Cycle and Standby
Four Different Series: 45,75,95 and 125
Number of Plates Available: 5-33
Length: varies with model number
Width: varies with model number
Thickness: varies with model number


NEED A COMPLETE SYSTEM? Package our solar panels with an enclosure, mounts, batteries, and an assembly for a turnkey solution! Take the guesswork out of your solar system design – we can engineer, build, and integrate a system to meet your solar needs. Our system design ensures you receive a proven solution that uses compatible components at a reduced cost.

The DEKA Unigy II batteries are the battery of choice to high capacity industrial power plants. These stackable, interlocking batteries allow for high energy density in a seismic zone 4 rated case. The 4 Volt building blocks can be configured for 12V, 24V, 48V stacks for industrial and telecommunication applications and 120 or 240V for switchgear and UPS Applications.

The DEKA UNIGY II LINE features two module designs with a wide range of capacities and sizes to fit the requirements of renewable energy applications. These modules are constructed using the finest quality materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques enhancing their performance in these demanding applications.

Built-in advanced features such as:

  • “Two Way” Post design is lead plated solid copper providing a large contact area with front access bolting for easier installation and maintenance.
  • Pure Virgin Lead (99.99%) positive grid alloy is very resistant to corrosion/growth.
  • Positive and Negative plates are formed with IPF® technology to ensure plates operate at 100% capacity.
  • Collapsible bottom bridge accommodates for normal plate growth, reducing stress on battery post seals.
  • Air Gap between cells has been designed to reduce foot print while maintaining required cooling.
  • Front safety shield design easily slides on and off without tools for quicker assembly.


  • Interlocking modules require only front access bolts for mounting, providing quick and safe installation.
  • Modules are coated with acid resistant epoxy powder paint.
  • Each module has mounting holes for grounding option.
  • Standard one-piece base enables it to be used as anchoring template. Anchors can be drilled and installed with base in place.
  • Meets UBC Zone 4 certification of ground level in most applications up to 8 modules high.
  • The DEKA UNIGY II batteries are easily stackable for higher battery voltages and are configured for the project. They will include the layout drawing, battery interconnect bars and plastic safety shield.
  • Non-Interlock versions are also available for non-seismic locations. Contact us for information.