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Sonali 210W 24V Solar Panel – SS-210W

Part Number: SS-210W
Manufacturer: Sonali Solar
Length: 62.20 IN
Width: 31.81 IN
Thickness: 1.30 IN
PDF-Datasheet: Download Here

Sonali 210W 24V Solar Panel – SS-210W Features:

Quality Product
All Manufactured Modules are tested 100% by EL (Electroluminescence) during the Production Process and Free from Micro Cracks. Our high-performance modules are highly efficient, reliable, and provide optimal output. The company manufactures solar modules in compliance with global standard including MNRE, IEC 61215, 61730-1, 61730-2, 61701, UL 1703 ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2008 and 18001:2007.

High Efficiency
High Module efficiency is obtaining top performance even in diffused light conditions. We are leaders in providing out customers with maximum sunlight conversion.

Application Possibilities
Residential and Commercial Rooftops, Car Ports, Solar Farming, Balconies, Awnings, Street Lights Fences, Canopies, etc.

Our Team
We have a team of qualified experts and engineers making sure that modules produce maximum power. We pride ourselves in caring for each individual customer needs with detailed attentions. Our end goal is to give a highly efficient product with exceptional customer service.

Our product is durable and has a 25 year performance warranty. Integrated manufacturing of cells and modules in one production line guaranteees optimum performance.

RFID is an Radio Frequency Identification Technology – enables every individual modules to be uniquely identified. We can provide RFID tag as per customer’s request.