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Solar Solutions – Railway Industry

An 1040W approach lit intermediate signal location in Western Colorado.

Ameresco Solar Railroad Solutions

Specializing in Wayside Signaling, Positive Train Control (PTC), and Pole Line Elimination

Our staff of dedicated solar experts understands the unique needs of the railway industry. Our team is seasoned with years of experience designing and implementing solar powered railway solutions. From AREMA design criteria and rail equipment loads, to safety and compliance, we have the expertise to provide a custom solar solution to meet your power needs.

We have extensive experience with solar off-grid power for the following applications: Intermediate Signals, Switch Machines, Hot Box Detectors, 2-Volt Track Circuits, Slide Fences, Repeaters, Dragging Equipment, Detectors, Grade Crossings, Telecom Sites, and Broken Rail Detection.

Let us earn your business! CONTACT US about your project TODAY and a Railway specialist will respond to you right away!!

One of our 840W systems powering an approach lit intermediate signal location in southern Washington.

Our railway team provides the following services: Engineering Design, Assistance, Site Surveys, Training, Field Service for Troubleshooting, and Installation Assistance.

We have an established and proven record of serving the following railroad segments: Signal Communication, Track Rail Car, OEMs, Contractors, and Engineering Consulting Firms.

We provide a range of standard installation options for our railway systems and can accommodate custom requests to meet your needs. Some of our standard options include: Hybrid Power Systems (e.g., Wind, Generator, Fuel Cell), Retractable Pole Mounting Systems, Fixed Pole Mounts, Ground/Roof Mounts, H-Fixture / Platform Mounts, System Enclosures, and State of the Art Charge Controllers.

A 3120W intermediate signal location with PTC radio integration in southern Louisiana.
A EMI truss retractable tower mounted 1680W solar powered intermediate signal location with PTC radio in southern Washington.