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Solar Power – Lighting Systems and Kits

One of our solar power parking lot light projects.

Solar Power Lighting Systems and Kits

Our solar power lighting systems are easy to install and environmentally friendly, especially when used with LEDs, compact fluorescent or low-pressure sodium lights. It uses free, renewable energy that is stored in a battery, ready to be used when darkness falls.

We offer pre-packaged and custom pole-mounted systems that can withstand extreme wind conditions, and NEMA 3R battery enclosures for completely self-contained solutions that protect against rain, sleet, and snow.

The Ameresco Solar team can design, engineer, and integrate solutions sized for your needs.

Let us earn your business! CONTACT US about your project TODAY and a Lighting system specialist will respond to you right away!

City entrance solar powered lighting project in Texas.
Solar array installation for city limit solar powered lighting project.
Close-up view of parking lot solar power lighting system.
Transit pickup station solar lighting project.