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Communications Gateway for Schneider Electric Conext or XW Inverters

Part Number: 865-1055
Manufacturer: Schneider Electric
PDF-Datasheet: Download Here

The Gateway bridges the gap between a Conext or XW System and the system owner’s computer, making it the central component for a residential or small commercial remote monitoring system.

The Gateway logs performance data directly from the Conext or XW System, and transmits it to the included widget-based monitoring software for a simple and graphically rich view of system performance. More than a data logger, the Gateway offers a web page with the ability to configure automated email reports and fault status to the user or installer.
The Gateway includes both built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity allowing for flexible and simple set up for wireless or wired connection to a router or direct to a PC.

Can monitor a network consisting of up to 20 single-phase Conext inverters or up to 8 Conext XW devices (XW Inverter/Charger(s),SW, XW MPPT Solar Charge Controllers(s), XW SCP, and XW AGS)
Wi-Fi/Ethernet module with 10/100 Base-T ot 802.11 b/g
Can be configured to send energy and alarm reports via email
Graphical interactive solar monitoring software
Embedded web page for configuring the Xantrex Gateway and upgrading inverter firmware
16 megabytes of storage
Simple Modbus over RS485 for limited external system and device monitoring
The Gateway logs and transmits performance data including:
System power performance
Inverter specific power production
Lifetime energy production; daily, weekly, monthly energy production graphs
Inverter faults with date and time stamp