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865-1060, AGS-Auto Generator Start for Schneider Electric XW or SW inverters

Part Number: 865-1060
Manufacturer: Schneider Electric
PDF-Datasheet: Download Here

The Schneider Electric Automatic Generator Start (AGS) automatically activates a generator to provide a Conext™ XW or Conext SW inverter/charger with the power needed to recharge a depleted battery bank or provide additional power for heavy loads. The AGS’s generator management intelligence continuously monitors battery voltage, state of charge, and inverter charge modes. It uses this data to start and stop the generator when the battery needs charging. The AGS also starts the generator to assist the system’s inverter/charger(s) when output power demands are high.

The AGS is customizable. The user defines whether the generator should be activated by low-battery voltage, state of charge, thermostat operation, or load on the inverter(s). A quiet-time setting prevents the generator from starting at
inconvenient times. LED lights display the status, while all user-defined settings are programmed through the Conext XW System Control Panel (Conext XW SCP).



  • Connects to other Xanbus™-enabled devices without requiring additional hubs or control cards
  • Compatible with AC or DC generators with either two- or three-wire start controls
  • 20-contact generator connector and three built-in relays support 13 preset generator configurations
  • Interfaces with Conext XW and Conext SW inverter/chargers, Solar Charge Controllers, and Conext XW System
  • Control Panel
  • Note: AGS requires a Conext XW SCP for configuration and monitoring


  • Comprehensive, customizable triggers (based on low-battery voltage, change in charging state, high inverter load, thermostat signals, planned exercise periods, maximum runtime, and quiet-time settings)
  • Non-volatile memory preserves settings through power interruptions
  • Built-in emergency shutdown
  • LED display showing at-a-glance status