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5 Watt Off-Grid TeleCom Solar Kit (TCK)

Part Number: 5W-TCK
Manufacturer: Ameresco Solar

Our custom solar power telecom systems have been deployed around the world to power communication equipment. We now offer solar power telecom kits for microwave repeater sites, base transmission stations (BTS), rural telephony, VSATs, two-way radio, telephone exchanges, satellite earth stations, and more.

Our TCM kits include everything but the pole. Enclosure and panel(s) easily mount to a schedule 40 pole for quick setup.

The 5W TCK includes:

  • 1 – 5W VLS polycrystalline solar panel
  • 1 – Backplate assembly with all necessary electronics (e.g., charge controller, breakers, etc.) securely mounted
  • 1 – MK Battery 12V 99Ah deep cycle battery (100 hour rate)
  • 1 – VLS aluminum battery enclosure (aluminum finish is standard, white powder-coat also available)
  • 1 – Pole mounting bracket and hardware (side or top mounts available)
  • Required wiring and cables

The TCK’s rugged aluminum enclosure houses an industry leading Morningstar SunSaver charge controller and a durable MK Battery. Coupled with our anodized aluminum VLS solar panel frame and our proven success of integrating quality components that work seamlessly, you can expect reliable service from our kits.