Transportation and traffic application

Solar Power Systems for Mobile Applications

We can design and build a mobile solar solution to accommodate your specific power requirements.

We have created a range of mobile solar solutions to address both common and unique power needs. From routine mobile solar power systems on traffic and transportation trailers to semi-mobile, extended stay mobile applications, Ameresco Solar can help you solve your power needs.

Do you have solar mobile power needs? We can help!

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Semi-mobile converted solar powered custom container application with trailer transport

Semi-mobile converted solar powered custom container application

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Transportable Renewable Energy eXchange (T-Rex)

Learn about the Transportable Renewable Energy eXchange (TRex), a mobile emergency power unit that can be set up by one person without tools. 

Ameresco Solar T-REX Solar Power Systems provide reliable, cost effective transportable power solutions for multiple applications. The T-REX Solar Power Systems are Self Contained, Environmentally Friendly and feature Rapid on site deployment by a single person.

T-Rex Mobile Power System

• Disaster mitigation activities
• Emergency communications
• Medical equipment
• Vaccine refrigeration
• Surveillance
• Water pumping & purification
• Military battle field communications
• Scientific Research
• Utility / UPS
• The only patented fully adjustable, balanced deployment mechanism
• Designed for rapid deployment (no tools required!!)
• Easily adaptable modular design
• Harsh conditions /high wind rated
• Can be towed or air lifted
• Custom built to suit customer requirements
• Generator
• Recessed Battery
• Extended Battery Autonomy
• Wind Generator
• Helicopter Liftable
• AC Output
• Grid Connectable
• Customer Load Integration